Tuesday, March 22, 2011



Barry M Nail Paints

What they say: "Choose from over 50 shades, covering the whole colour spectrum - from pure white to decadent red. There are metallic pearls, matts and shimmering finishes to suit every
mood and taste. All Nail Paints are in quick-drying base suitable for natural or acrylic nails. We always recommend the use of a basecoat before applying any coloured Nail Paint."


Price: £2.99

I have recently been buying lots of pastel shades of Nail Polish so I wanted something different. I was feeling nostalgic for a nice pink shade that reminded me of the YSL Pink Nail Lacquer my mum used to use when I was younger. Always on the dressing table I remember seeing the gold packaging and it was probably my first nail polish love along with Revlon Red.

[indoors - no flash - natural lighting]

I bought 2 shades from Boots on the two for £5 offer. The two colours I picked were a glossy pink shade 'Fuschia' and a glitter shade 'Red Glittter'.

I love it really bright and lovely for Spring to brighten up your day (when the sun isn't shining). Its pink but its just bright enough without being neon.

I applied it with a Nails Inc Caviar basecoat and Topcoat. I always apply two coats as a habit but one thick coat of this would do the trick.

[indoors - flash]

This colour is great quality very easy to apply with a smooth application. The brush is just the right thickness to have minimal tidy up. I'm constantly on my Blackberry so I sealed my tips to give it a bit more longevity. This is day 2 (no chips as yet) I know its still early but tip wear will probably be due to my constant Blackberry use. This gives a smooth glossy application even before I apply topcoat. I love it so ... my Barry M addiction continues.

Here are some pictures I took on my walk to the station this morning. Just a bit of fun with different backgrounds.

It looks perfect with a little colour in the background. My ring clashes completely my nails but I like that I think it brings the colour out really well. Bright and beautiful even when the sun isn't shining!

Much love,

~ DayDreamQueen


  1. What is it about spring that just revitalizes my love of nail polish? It's like all winter I can't be bothered because my fingers go in & out of gloves, in & out of pockets. But in the spring, give me some bright pop colors!

    That is a gorgeous pink and the pictures you took really (I'm guessing) do it justice. Looks fabulous!

  2. Same with me! I gave up doing my nails over winter also to give them a bit of a break.
    The photographs were taken with my blackberry camera so not that great but colour-wise they are pretty true. The outdoor shots are the best colour match.
    Btw, I saw your red hair on your blog when I checked it last week. I love it! Makes me miss having red hair.