Monday, January 10, 2011


** I WANT... **

What's on every stylista's wishlist?

A BIRKIN BAG of course!

The bag was created for the beautiful Jane Birkin. The idea is said to have formed during a flight from Paris to London in 1981. Birkin had her Hermès organiser with her which was overflowing with papers, as they fell to the floor the passenger next to her commented she should put things in the pockets. To this Birkin is said to have retorted, "If Hermès put pockets in, I would." The passenger was the then chief executive of Hermès Jean-Louis Dumas ... and that my dears is how the Birkin Bag was born. Created in 1984, since then it has become iconic.

Anyone who is anyone in Hollywood has a Birkin bag ... Just look at the gorgeous bag below gracing the arms of these starlets below:

The beautiful bag comes in many colours and material's from the traditional leather to the more expensive crocodile skin. Victoria Beckham is said to have a collection boasting over 100 bags and estimated at around £1.5million I mean if she can have so many ... Why can't I have just one?

P.S Congrats to the lucky lady as she is pregnant with her 4th child ... Yes we all hope its a girl ... I mean what's the use of her owning all those Birkin Bags without having someone to pass them onto? (Just kidding)

Victoria ... If it's not a girl, you can share your Birkin Collection with me!

Wishful thinking ... eh?

I have to say I am in love and as is usual with many women ... I am in love with something I can't have! *sad face* With a hefty price-tag ranging from (depending on the material) £4,200 for a basic model to £80,000+ for the
rare 'Silver Himalayan' complete with a 3carat diamond ... what is one to do?

A) Rob a bank?

B) Win the lottery?

C) Write a public letter to the Beckham's asking them to adopt

D) Get a job at Hermès?

Well with all of the above being very unlikely. I wouldn't suggest robbing a bank ... and if you win the lottery I am very happy for you and your donations to my 'Birkin Bag Fund' will be kindly accepted.

and finally


What? Do you ask ...

Yes ... Thursday Friday ...

The ingenious duo of creative director Roni Brunn and business strategist Olena Sholomytska have come up with an wonderful solution. No, it is not a knock off as you have seen gracing much of the high street stores and markets throughout the world ... It is a cheaper alternative.

Why don't I just show you?

Isn't it beautiful?! A Birkin Bag without the Hermès price tag.

This is the Thursday Friday Together Bag ... A lightweight canvas bag printed on every side with images of the real Birkin Bag. At the moment it comes in three colours: red, camel and blue. I love it!

At the moment it is said to have a waiting list much like the real version. However, the site will take your back orders and ship out in February... for me I think the timing is perfect.

As this is the sort of bag I would carry around in Spring and Summer once the rain subsides and also would make a great Grocery or add-on bag to chuck the extras that don't fit into your bag. Spare pair of shoes, water bottle, magazines, book to read on the train? I think it would also be great as a Uni or College bag to carry your books in.

The measurements are:

Height: 11.5"
Width: 13.75"
Depth: 7.5"
19" handle with a 9.5" drop
100% cotton canvas with cotton poly lining

(Taken from

They are available online from for $35 (atm roughly £22.50) excluding shipping.

I haven't bought one yet but I think this is definitely on my to buy list.
What do you think?



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